In 1992 having finally opted out of the corporate world, we now live on our 40-acre farm at the very edge of the Thar Desert in Alwar District of Rajasthan. Our major involvement is with a sustainable form of rural development.

Mr. Ajit and Mrs. Royina Grewal

While Ajit demonstrates to marginal farmers how to maximize their yields by using various combinations of fruit trees, crops and vegetables. Royina is a writer and creator of Son et Lumiere.

To compliment our rural development work with farmers, we also plan to start a dairy to aid the landless and free-range poultry to occupy older people in the community. The chickens will also aid pest control in the organic farms that we are attempting to propagate.

In our capacity as catalysts we also work with women and children on issues of family planning, nutrition, hygiene, and preventive medicine and are attempting to introduce small-scale income augmentation projects for women.

Royina is a writer. Her first two books were on cultural conservation and development planning. These were attempts to arrive at development / conservation plans for culturally sensitive towns and addressed issues from town planning to structural as well as environmental and socio - economic development. The books Chanderi and Mandav, were case studies and development plans.

More recent and general interest books include "Sacred Virgin",
[published by Penguin India in 1994]
an account of her journey from the source to the estuary of the Narmada River.

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Her other book  "In Rajasthan", a first person travel narrative of her travels in the state,
[published by Lonely Planet  in 1997,as part of their series Journeys].

Both are available though Amazon.Com. She is currently working on a biography of Agra and a book on Camels.

Royina also created son et Lumiere or sound and Light shows. She develops the concept, overseas the research and the script, develops the lighting and sound plan and directs all aspects of the production from recordings and mixing to computer programming. Projects executed / being-executed include the Residency at Lucknow, Anandpur in Punjab to celebrate the Tricentenary of the celebrations of a thousand years of the temples and Chandragiri near the famous Tirupati temple.

Audio guides to tourist destinations are another activity. These are evocative narratives with sound effects that attempt to communicate the history and the life of a monument. Completed projects include guides to Orcha and Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh, Amber near Jaipur in Rajasthan.

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