Our philosophy of living with nature extends to the home we are building which is based on natural forms and materials. It is built without any steel or cement. The house consists of a series of catenary domes, built without framework, of fired brick and an ancient mortar recipe based on lime waste -the result, covered area cost a mere forty rupees a foot.


The forms of nature,the compression strength of an egg, animal burrows, the beehive, natural caves and so on, inspired the catenary domes. The ground plan of the house conceived by emulating the beehive, is a series of hexagons, the most efficient cost-effective method of enclosing space.

Looking up to the skylight

The catenary form, as opposed to the hemispherical dome, also uses the least amount of building material in its support structure and is said to be the most stable form of construction able to withstand even strong earthquakes. The lime waste mortar is also extremely strong and has a very much longer life than cement.

    Standing on the Roof
With Nature's Help Building Techniques Dome Adaptations
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