The concept of organic farming is to demonstrate the effectiveness of low cost [ farmyard manure versus chemical fertilizer ] agriculture - thereby increasing the net earnings from successive crops and of course the tremendous nutritional and health benefits accruing from this form of farming.

Organic to us also means healthy, we therefore bear in mind that some natural pesticides can often be toxic. We therefor rely increasingly on predators, and, pest deterrent species.

As part of our on going commitment to organic farming, we have been exploring methods of increasing yields. This has led to current experiments of composting using bio-dynamic preparations.

  What is Bio-dynamics

Bio-dynamics is derived from two Greek words "bios " meaning life and " dynamics " meaning energy. The methods of biodynamic agriculture are derived from teachings given by DR Rudolf Steiner, Austrian philosopher and scientist, in 1924 at the request of German farmers. Methods have been extended and developed by subsequent practitioners.

This concept of agriculture is based on enlivening the soil by the use of composts, together with herbal, mineral and cow manure preparations. Recognition is made of the solar, lunar and planetary rhythms and the use of a sowing and planting calendar is felt to be of great importance to successful agricultural practices.

Cost Benefits Bio-dynamic Preparations